What is magnesium silicate filter oil filters?

Magenisum silicate is a safe pure white compound that meets the food grade specifications of the China Food and Drug Administration.

Our magensium silicate can remove both solid and dissolved impurities from used oil to provide extended oil life. The oil stays fresh, clear and clean so that you can provide the customer with consistent, crisp and golden delicious fried foods.

Is it safe?

Synthetic magnesium silicate is approved as per recomendations of Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations/World Health Organization Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives, 61st Session, published in NFP 52, Add 11, 2003. Also it is approved by The U.S. Food Chemical Codex. When used as a food additive, it is safe to ingest synthetic magnesium silicate.

Benefits of Magenisum Silicate

1.Docubles the life of your cooking oil
2.Halal, FSA, NSF approval
3.Used in large, commercial QSR chain restaurants
4.Attacks microscpic impurities such as free fatty acides
5.Helps remove the "enemies of oil"


How does it work?

By adding filter oil powder it adopts the principle of deep filtration, and the silicate pore matrix with large specific surface area is used as the filter matrix to remove the fried debris particles. Magnesium silicate oil filtering powder can easily capture and remove extremely fine debris particles. Super active filter media can absorb and remove acid value, polar substance, peroxide value and saponification value from frying oil.
Because daily filtration with our oil filter powder can keep the golden color of oil bright, fried food is always light, crisp and delicious

Before trying Jin Qiao

*Frying oil has to be discarded every 2-3 days due to high free fatty acid value
*Polymer gathered at the contact interface of frying oil, emulsification, high heat consumption
*The color and smell of food are different due to the use time of frying oil
*Frying food workshop is made of smoke, which needs to consume energy to deal with odor.

Before trying Jin Qiao

After trying Jin Qiao

*Provide crisp, golden and delicious fried food
*Increased profits and 50% - 70% savings in frying oil procurement costs
*Easier for workers to operate
*Environmental protection and smokeless flavor
*Ensure the taste of fried food
*Longer shelf life
*FFA, TPM, color, taste, smell and other physical and chemical index management of frying oil is simpler

After trying Jin Qiao Qiao

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