Q: Is Kchoring food grade? What certifications does it have?
A: Yes Kchoring meets food grade specifications of the China Food and Drug Administration. It is also SGS and Intertek certified.

Q: Is it an "additive"? How is it different than what I am using now?
A: No, an additive remains in the oil during the oil filtration. Kchoring is a filter media. Kchoring is activated, it acts like a magnet to attract and remove the dissolved tastes and odors that can spoil fried food. It removes these impurities during daily filtration and maintains fresh and clear frying oil.

Q: How many days of oil life can I expect? How much Kchoring do I use?
A: Oil life varies with fried food sales volume, product mix and fry station management practices. At least a 30%- 50% increase in oil life is attainable for a new user of Kchoring. Generally 4.8oz of Kchoring is required to treat 50lbs of oil. Consult the side of the carton for other volumes.

Q: Do I need a filter machine? How long do I filter my oil ?
A: Yes you do require a filtration machine. You cannot use a filter cone or bag. Five to ten minutes (per fryer) of recirculation through a built-in or portable filter machine is necessary for maximum effectiveness.

Q: Does Kchoring work with any type of oil?
A: Yes. Oil degradation is common with all edible frying oils and Kchoring is effective on all types, including the new zero trans-fat oils.

Q: At what temperature should I filter the oil?
A: Kchoring best performs when the oil is filtered at cooking temperature - typically 285°F - 360°F.

Q: When should I change my oil?
A: The decision should be based on finished food quality standards and sensory evaluation. Color, Flavor, Taste, Appearance and Texture of the food should be the ultimate determining factor. If the oil is very dark, smoking, foaming or has a bad smell, it is time to change the oil.

Q: Do I put Kchoring in the oil or in the filter pan?
A: Kchoring works equally well when sprinkled over the filter paper in the filter pan or directly into the oil. It will create a 'filter cake' on the screen or filter paper.

Q: Kchoring reduces Free Fatty Acid (FFA's) and Total Polar Materials (TPM's). What does this mean?
A: FFA's are molecules that lower the surface tension of oils, allowing batter and breading to soak up more oil. The result is greasy fried food. Magnesol greatly slows down the formation of these molecules , allowing your oil to last longer and fried foods to be light and crisp. TPM's are the only chemical measure of oil degradation that has been correlated to the taste and odor of fried food. Magnesol is the premier product at reducing TPM's.

Q: What happens if I don’t filter daily with Kchoring?
A: During frying , oil surrounds and soaks into food, actually becoming part of it. As frying oil breaks down, dissolved impurities soak into the food, affecting taste, texture and appearance. Daily use of Kchoring extracts the off flavors and odors dissolved in oil so that only clean, fresh oil come into contact with the fried food. And cleaner oil means longer oil life. For every day of filtering missed, you lose up to two days of oil life. Keep your frying oil costs down and your customers happy - use Kchoring every day.