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Oil filter powder

Oil filter powder

Food additive magnesium silicate (oil filter aid), a new green filter aid, is a non-toxic, tasteless white powder, amorphous porous material, used for refining and processing of edible oil, and can absorb pigment and odor in frying oil, reduce free fatty acid and polar substance of oil, remove carcinogen such as aflatoxin and benzopyrene, greatly improve oil utilization rate and ensure the quality of frying products.
General Information
Product Name:Magnesium silicate (oil filter aid)
Other Name: Magnesium oil filter aid
Chemical formula:xMgO·ySiO2·nH2O


Test Items Specification
Appearance White powder
SiO2(On the ignition basis), % ≥67.0
MgO(On the ignition basis),% ≥15.0
Loss on Drying (105℃,2h), % ≤20
Loss on Ignition,% ≤15
Soluble Salts,% ≤3.0
Free Alkaki(As NaOH),% ≤1.0
Fluoride (As F),mg/kg ≤10.0
lead(As Pb), mg/kg ≤5.0

Packaging ,storage and transportation
Products are packaged in a soft plastic bag with an outer layer of coated paper and a inner lining, with a net weight of 20kg/bag, and stored in a cool, dry, and clean area. Pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof measures. Products that are not used up after opening the bag should be sealed. Bulk transportation is arranged according to specific requirements.

Zhejiang Jiehua New Materials Co., Ltd. is the first drafting unit of the national food safety standard GB 1886.62-2015 Food Additive Magnesium Silicate.